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Vision Helpdesk has given a platform for your clients to reach you out through multiple mediums such as Social media, Web portal, Phone call, Emails.

The list of clients/customers can be managed under the Client Module.

There is no need of adding each client profile manually, Vision Helpdesk identifies each new email address into the system and automatically creates the profile for that client.

The Helpdesk allows you to create organizations and to group the clients into as per the Organizations. Also, You can allow the manger rights to one of the client of an organization to view and reply the Incidents submitted by the other clients of same organization.

Do not bother about a huge list of an existing client database, as we have provided an option to import the client list in CSV format by a single click. You can also export clients from Vision Helpdesk.

Hence, Client management helps you to build your client database into the helpdesk system and it also gives the overview of client activities in more organized manner.

How to add the Clients or Organization

Login to Manage/staff portal >>Click on New option >>Select Client or Organization >>Add the details for Client and Organization.

You can perform various operations on clients:

Merge Client : You can merge two clients into one. All the Invoices, Incidents, Note, Credit, Contacts and department access gets merged. Merge clients can be use when one of your client has contacted you with different email id.

How to Merge client

Login to Manage/staff portal >>Click on Client Management >>Go into client profile >>On right most top corner there is “menu icon”, click on it and select Merge client.

Client Approval : In Vision Helpdesk, you can approve client registration automatically as well as manually.

Automatic Approval steps:

Go to admin setting >> Select Module >> Client >>Set auto approve registration to yes

All the new email addresses will be registered automatically.

Manual Approval steps:

Go to admin setting >> Select Module >> Client >> Set auto approve registration to No

The staff can check whether client is valid or not and then can approve or disapprove the client.

We offer the option of Banning a client if you don’t want to receive emails from that particular client and also, you can mark it as spam. Spammed client’s Incident would go into spam folder.

Add contact : We offer a small hierarchy under Client management.

  • Organization

  • Clients

  • Contact

You can have additional contacts added into the client profile who would have limited or complete access to the client portal.

For eg. ABC is a company located at New York, Mr A is the Sales manager at ABC, Mr B is a staff in the sales team. So it can be categorized as below:

Organization = ABC

Client = Mr A

Contact = Mr B

Login as a Client: You can get logged in into your client profile just by clicking on “login as a client” option. This would help you to check any issue related to client profile or if you want to modify the client details.

Setting Client Account login details: If you want change or reset the client account login credentials then you can click on “Reset password” option under Client Module >> client profile. Either you can update the credentials manually or you can check the “Send reset password email” to clients.

Organisation :

Vision Helpdesk allows to add Organization into system by various ways.

First, System can automatically create organization for a client by detecting the domain in the email address and also group other clients with the same domain into the same organization. Also, You can set one of the client as manager of that organization. So the manager would be able to view all the Incidents submitted by other clients of same organization.

To Enable Auto generate Organization option:

Go to Admin Setting >> Module>> Clients>> Enable “Auto generate Organization”

Second, Import your organization list under your domains in CSV format.

Go to Client Management >> click on right side top corner menu option>> Select Import >> Import the list of Organizations.


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