Blesta Integration

Yogesh Bhalerao Apr-10th, 2019 1:13 0 0

Features available with the Blesta integration:

      - Blesta provides you with automated billing, invoicing, service provisioning & suspension, payment processing,

         payment reminders, backups which you can integrate with this system.

       - After integration procedure is done you can visit to ticket details page & select Blesta link under integration section.

      - You will receive all the information of client, package & invoice details 

         (list contains only those which client mail id match with mail id of ticket owner).

In order to integrate Blesta with this system follow the following steps:

Step 1] Login to your Blesta admin panel.

Step 2] Go to Setting→System tab→API access you will get the API key from here.

Step 3] Go to My info→Account you will get username from here.

Step 4] Log-in to the manage portal.

Note: The sample installation path for blesta integration format is


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