Exotel Integration

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Steps to integrate Exotel :

Step 1:-  Login/Sign up to the account.

Step 2:-  You can retrieve the Exotel SID & Exotel Token from My account>> setting >> API setting tab.

Step 3:-  The app information is available at the Homepage>>Admin panel>> App Bazaar.

Step 4:-  Login back to the manage portal.

Add Exotel details : Admin setting >> Integration >> Exotel >> Add

Domain: Select the domain for which you want to add the Exotel integration.

Title: Here you can specify the title for the Exotel integration.

Account Sid: Here you should enter the account Sid. (From Step 2)

Auth token: Specify your auth token key of your Exotel account. (From Step 2)
Status: You can enable or disable the status of the Exotel from here.

Step 5:- Create or Add the exotel details

a) First go to exotel profile >> App Bazar >> Copy App ID

b) Go to vision Helpdesk >> Admin setting >> Exotel >> Click on Menu option >> Exotel App

c) Once you integrate, Set the access rights of exotel for your staff members from admin setting >> Users >>Role

Post integration :

Using the Exotel integration :

When this setting is completed there will be a menu that will appear after notifications. It will consist of options like:

Staff will be able to make the calls to the clients from here.

Send message:
Staff will be able to send messages to the clients from here.

Send Bulk SMS:
Using this you are able to send the bulk SMS to the numbers which are available with the particular selected app.

Staff will be able to see call & message details on Exotel section from header menu on manage portal.


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