Office 365 SSO

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Office 365

Here you are able to create single login for the Office 365. Using this single login the users can login to the client portal using their Office 365 credentials.

Steps for single login:

Step 1] You can create the windows app from -, then follow the below procedure.

  • Click on "Add app" (below my applications).

- Add the name for the app & enter the button "Create application".

  • Copy the application Id (i.e. client id).

  • Click on add platform.

Step 2] Select the web and set the redirect URL http:////windows_success.php


Step 3] Save the application.

Step 4] Log in to manage portal, go to settings >> single login >> office 365

Domain: Select the domain for which you want to add this single login on its client portal.

Client id: Paste the application Id here. (From Step 1)

Tenant: Here you have to enter the tenant as 'common' OR your tenant id.

Redirect URL: The redirected URL is added here it is like - http:///windows_success.php.

Status: You can enable or disable the Office 365 integration from here.

Post integration :

After the successful procedure of adding details, the small icon will be displayed on the client portal's login window.


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