Office 365 SSO

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Office 365 SSO

Here you are able to create a single login for Office 365. Using this single log in the users can log in to the client portal using their Office 365 credentials.

Steps for Single Sign-on:

Step 1] You can create the app from the Azure portal -

Then follow the below procedure.

- Click on “New registration”

    - Add the name for the app & click the button "Register".

    - Copy the details like
      Application ID (Client)
      Directory ID (Tenant)

      Step 2] Click on the Authentication and under the platform configurations

      Click on “Add a platform”

      - Then under Web application click on “Web”

      - Hereunder the redirect URIs you need to add your helpdesk domain URL followed by /window_success.php

      Note: Please make sure this redirection URL should have SSL installed.

      And select the tokens below
      Access tokens
      ID tokens
      Then click on the button “Configure”

      Step 3] Now the app is configured on the Azure Portal.

      Step 4]
      Log in to helpdesk manage portal, go to settings >> single login >> office 365

      - Add the details

      Domain: Select the domain for which you want to add this single login on its client portal.

      Client id: Paste the application Id here. (From Step 1)

      Tenant: Paste the tenant id here. (From Step 1)

      Redirect URL: Add the redirected URL

      Example: (From Step 2)

      Then click on the button "Update"

      Post integration :

      After the successful procedure of adding details, the small icon will be displayed on the client portal's login window.

      Click on the small icon for office 365 for single sign-on


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