Opencart SSO

Dennis Braganza Apr-8th, 2019 21:37 0 0

Opencart single login

- Opencart is free open source ecommerce platform for online merchants.

- The client can directly login without registration by using the Opencart credentials.

Procedure for Opencart integration:

- Copy the Opencart URL.

- Login to manage portal and go to settings/single login section/Opencart. Fill the following details:

Domain: Select the domain to which you want to add the Opencart single login features.

Opencart URL: Here you have to paste the Opencart URL link.

Ex: domain URL with "/"

Status: From here you can enable or disable the Opencart single login.


Extract following attach file which contains Opencart authentication plug-in & install it on root of the Opencart installation server. (1169)


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