Adding multi lingual articles for customer support

Sneha Joshi Apr-6th, 2024 15:17 0 0

A knowledgebase article can be added to your solutions module which can be referred to by your staff or clients as a self-help. These articles can be accessed by clients on the client-facing portal.

In case you have clients contacting you from different geographical locations, you can enable those languages on your helpdesk portal to provide multi-language support.

You can also make sure that a knowledgebase article added in any one language will be translated and displayed to the client in the language that they select on the client-facing portal.

To translate the same article into different languages for your client's reference, please go to the solutions module and open the concerned article.

To an existing article, please select the downward arrow on the top right corner to edit the article as shown below:

On this page, you can select other languages from the drop-down menu of languages that have been enabled on your portal.

When you select any other language apart from the original, you can add the title and additional keywords in that language.

In the content area, you can replace the original content with the translated article and click on the update tab at the bottom.

On the client-facing portal, when your client switches to any other language, the default headings are translated and so will the knowledgebase articles.

In the same way, if you have multiple languages, you will need to edit the same article. On selecting the language, you will be able to add a new title, keywords and the translated content corresponding to it.


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