What are Comments in the Solution module?

Dennis Braganza Apr-25th, 2020 6:48 0 0

What are comments in the solution module?

Solutions are knowledgebase articles that can be added in the system which serve as a self-help for the clients. These articles added in your Solutions module can be from anywhere, but usually comes from several contributors who are well versed on the subject. This knowledge base can include FAQ’s, troubleshooting guides, and any other nitty gritty details you may want or need to know. Managing a knowledge base is the ideal way to handle high-volume, simple interactions.

Solutions module can be accessed through the launcher icon in the inbox of the staff portal. When you access the solution module, firstly you will have to select the domain from your available domains. Once a domain is selected, associated with that domain you will find a solutions dashboard, categories and comments under three different tabs.

Once an article is added under the solutions database, it can be viewed by staff members and end user clients based on the role access provided. They can also add comments and edit the contents of the article if the requisite access rights have been given.

When you open a solution article, you will find the comments posted by the client appended below the article. Your staff can choose to respond back to these comments in a one-on-one chat discussion.

These comments submitted can also be viewed under the comments tab in the solutions module. Here you can see comments made by staff or clients on the solution articles. On the top of the comments listing space, you can also view all the comments segregated into approved, disapproved and spam comments.

On the far right of a particular comment you will find a drop down menu which enables you to perform a number of operations on a comment. Here, you also have the option to approve/disapprove a comment, mark a comment as spam so that no other user is able to view it, also edit or delete a comment.


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