How to Import or Export Solutions?

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How to import or export solutions?

Solutions are knowledgebase articles that can be added in the system which serve as a self-help for the clients. These articles added in your Solutions module can be from anywhere, but usually comes from several contributors who are well versed on the subject. This knowledge base can include FAQ’s, troubleshooting guides, and any other nitty gritty details you may want or need to know. Managing a knowledge base is the ideal way to handle high-volume, simple interactions.

Solutions module can be accessed through the launcher icon in the inbox of the staff portal. When you access the solution module, firstly you will have to select the domain from your available domains. Once a domain is selected, associated with that domain you will find a solutions dashboard, categories and comments under three different tabs.

We also have the provision of importing and exporting solution articles from the system. When you access the solution module dashboard, on the top right corner of the screen you will find ‘more list’ icon

which enables you to perform various operations such as adding a category or article, importing or exporting articles from the system.

You can import articles in your VHD system using this option. When you choose to import an article, first you will have to specify the domain name and category you wish to import into. The article that you wish to import should be in CSV file format.

Column mapping is a process that makes sure the CSV fields of the article matches with that of the system database fields. This will take care of the structure of the article and present the article in a comprehensible format. These fields can also be removed from the database or their sequence can also be changed based on the fields available in the CSV file to be imported

You also have the provision to export solution articles in VHD. You will have to add a report title, select the domain and category for the article that you wish to export. An article can be exported in three file formats, namely CSV, HTML and XLSX.

You can also send this file as an email attachment. If you check the ‘send email’ checkbox, you will find a text area where you can enter the email address of the person to whom you wish to send a copy of the article.

When you export a file, you will find its status under the tab ‘download queue’ in the reports module. When the operation is complete a link will be generated through which you can download the file in your system.


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