How to use Solution Articles as a ticket response?

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How to use Solution Articles as a ticket response?

When a client submits you a query, it lands in the staff portal as an incident. This incident has a unique incident hash which helps to keep a track. When an incident is raised in the system, it can be assigned to a staff member. This staff member goes through the query and responds back to the client within the stipulated time period. This time period is defined by the SLA applied to the incident.

When a staff member logs in the system through his staff login, he will be able to view the number of tickets assigned to him on the dashboard itself. When the staff opens a ticket, a client query can be seen displayed under the conversation tab. As an SLA will be applied, the staff member needs to respond back to the client within the time frame or else the ticket will be overdue or the issue will be escalated.

The client’s query can be seen under the conversation tab as a post. On the top right corner of the post, you will find a reply icon

along with a drop down option. This drop down option enlists various operations that can be performed on a ticket.

From this drop down list you may select to either reply or forward the post with a quote to a third party email address. When you select either of these options a content box appears on the screen where the previous posts are displayed as quotes.

You may also choose to revert back to the client query using the reply option from the top of the screen. Using the reply option from the drop down list you can reply back to the client without quote. A fresh response can be drafted from this option where no previous quotes will be included. While submitting the ticket, if the client has added other contact email addresses as CC, using reply-all option you can make sure the response is also received by all the elements who are also a part of this conversation. Forward option enables you to forward the ticket to a third party email address.

Every time you choose to reply or forward a ticket, with or without quotes, on the left hand side of the screen under the left hand panel you will find the client details on the top. Below the client details you will find a section from where you can select an appropriate macros or knowledgebase solution article to add as a befitting response to the ticket. An appropriate macros can be selected from a drop down list of canned responses saved in the system. To add a solution article, at least three characters of keywords or contents of the article need to be entered in order to allow the system to suggest related articles.

The solution suggestions setting can be modified from admin setting>>system>>module>>solutions>>update module. Here you may allow the system to suggest solution articles on the client portal while clients submit queries, on the staff portal while the staff responds back to client queries, on both the portals or none of them. You can specify how a solution article needs to be searched from the vast knowledgebase available in your system. You may choose to search by a whole phrase or each word in the title of the article or from the keywords mentioned during article submission or the entire contents of the published article.


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