What are the Admin Settings for the Solutions Module?

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What are the Admin Settings for the Solutions Module?

Solutions are knowledgebase articles that can be added in the system which serve as a self-help for the clients. These articles added in your Solutions module can be from anywhere, but usually comes from several contributors who are well versed on the subject. This knowledge base can include FAQ’s, troubleshooting guides, and any other nitty gritty details you may want or need to know. Managing a knowledge base is the ideal way to handle high-volume, simple interactions.

Solutions module can be accessed through the launcher icon in the inbox of the staff portal. When you access the solution module, firstly you will have to select the domain from your available domains. Once a domain is selected, associated with that domain you will find a solutions dashboard, categories and comments under three different tabs.

The admin settings can be accessed by the admin login credentials. When you login the system using admin credentials, you will be able to access the admin settings from the top right corner of the screen under admin profile.

On the admin settings page you can find settings grouped together based on functionality. You can find admin settings for solutions module through this path:


In the admin settings of the solutions module you will first have to select the domain name if you have multiple domains. Here you can find settings to modify various features of the solutions module.

You have the option to enable solutions to suggest articles in the staff portal or the client portal. When a client is submitting a ticket from the client portal, while adding the subject of the ticket the system suggests articles. This ensures that the number of tickets submitted for the same issue is reduced as the solutions act as self-help for the clients. In the same way, solution articles are suggested to the staff members while creating internal incidents or replying back to clients. This also tends to reduce the manual effort of drafting replies to multiple clients.

You can specify how a solution article needs to be searched from the vast knowledgebase available in your system. You may choose to search by a whole phrase or each word in the title of the article or from the keywords mentioned during article submission or the entire contents of the published article.

You also have the option to enable your clients to post comments on the articles added under solutions. If you select no from the drop down list, none of your clients will be able to post comments. Likewise, you can also allow your clients to add ratings to the solution articles in the form of like or dislike.

Auto approve comments is a setting from which you can make sure every comment submitted by your client is approved by you before posting it. As these comments will be visible to all the clients who have access to the solution module, you can make sure only valid comments are posted and shared. Captcha is used as a security check to make sure only human users can publish articles, view them and post comments on these articles.

You can also define which user can access the solutions module as well as to what degree. This access can be modified from the role access setting. The access to the features of solutions module can be modified from Admin Settings>>User>>Role>>update role.

The below permissions can be managed under Roles.


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