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9. Logs

Error log

We have provided you with the record of critical errors that occurred during the server's operation, data corruption, start and stop information. A file that is created during the data processing to hold the data which is known for the errors and that is usually printed after completion of processing so that the errors can be corrected. All the details of error log will be displayed over here.

Empty Error log:

It is possible to empty the error log using this option. The error log gets emptied completely using this option.

Parser log

Here you are able to see all the activities of the email id you are parsing with.

Parser Log details: It will contain all the details of the mail such as the subject of the mail, from and To, Message of the mail and its Status.

Sent Email Log

Sent email consists of all record of the mails that are sent or the outgoing emails from the helpdesk. You can also view all the details included in the mail.

Empty sent mail log: Using this you can empty entire sent mail log.

Mail details: It will contain all the details of the mail such as the subject of the mail, from and to, message of the mail and its status.

Gateway transactions logs :

Gateway transactions will contain all the details of the transactions that are carried out in the billing section. It will show the invoice number, payment gateway that is used, the status of the particular transaction, etc.

Empty gateway transaction log: It is possible to empty the whole gateway transaction log using the empty gateway transaction log option.

Gateway transaction response details: When you click on the particular gateway transaction then it will give the details of the particular transaction log.

Activity log

Activity log will contain list of all the details of each activity related to settings, client, solutions, blabs and login that are carried out from the beginning till the last use.

Empty activity log: Using this you are able to clear all the list of logs available here.

Mobile Error Log:

Here you will get the list of the errors that occured on your mobile application.


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