Enabling two-factor authentication for Staff

Sneha Joshi Jun-29th, 2021 14:40 0 0

Confidentiality and its maintenance is of highest priority when it comes to data handling. The IT sector has come up with various options to protect the data and ensure its integrity. There are login credentials (ID and passwords) which are staff specific which allows only the staff members with the correct set of credentials to access the data. Also the system allows us to keep a track of all the activities performed by a staff member as unique credentials ensure traceability.

In Vision Helpdesk, under the audit log you can find all the modifications made on the ticket right from its creation date displayed along with the date, time and the staff responsible for the change. For added security measures, you can enable two - factor authentication for your staff. In this two-factor authentication, the first factor is the correct set of credentials allotted while you register to the system as a staff member. The second factor is a code that is generated using a google authenticator application. You can download this application from Google play store.

The two-factor authentication can be enabled by an admin/staff only for themselves. Whereas the admin can monitor if the staff is using two-factor or not and under certain conditions can also disable the two-factor for a particular staff member if he loses his backup code and is unable to access his account. So we can say that the system is well equipped to provide foolproof data security as well as manage human errors.

To enable the two-factor authentication, go to profile and select edit profile.

At the end of the profile, you will see a toggle switch to enable google authentication for your profile.

When you enable google authenticator, a dialogue box will be displayed on the screen consisting of backup code. You will need to save this backup code as a contingency in case you are not able to access the authenticator code.

Once you save this backup code and click on the profile update button, the google authenticator will be activated. A QR code will be displayed in the profile area below the access token.

As a staff, you can download and install the google authenticator app on your mobile phones from the play store for android phones and apple store for iphones.

After installing this application on your mobile phones, you can choose to get started with setting up your account. To set up your account, within the application you need to allow camera access. Place the QR code from your profile within the red lines and scan it.

Once the setup is complete, the authenticator will start displaying codes which will be valid only for 30 seconds. Your staff is expected to first add their login credentials (ID and password) and then open the google authenticator to receive a google authenticator code which they can add as a second factor authentication. In case they cannot access the second-factor authentication code, they can use the backup code to login to their account. In this case, a new backup code will be generated which the staff will have to save to login again in the future.


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