Vision Mobile Application

Sneha Joshi Apr-19th, 2021 11:16 0 0

The Vision Helpdesk APP can be used by your staff members to check and respond to tickets received from clients.

The APP can be installed on Android Devices.

Note: This APP is compatible with the latest version of Vision Helpdesk.

Please follow the below steps for Android Devices:

Go to your Google Play Store >> Search for Vision Helpdesk

After that select Vision Helpdesk and proceed to INSTALL

After installing the vision helpdesk app continue to login

Domain Name:

The vision helpdesk Domain Name which you get after signing for the account

User Name: The staff username who is using the staff portal

Password: Saved password over the portal

Click on the submit option after entering all the details

After entering into the system you will get an overview of all the modules same as the desktop portal.

You can create and reply to the incidents from your android mobile app only.

Feel free to contact us at in case you require any assistance with the configuration of the Vision helpdesk APP on your mobile phone.


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