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Exporting a ticket as a PDF

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 16:24 0 0

Exporting a ticket as a PDF

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is useful for sharing documents between computers and across operating system platforms. It is also useful if you wish to have a print out of the ticket as the ticket details are arranged in a compact manner.

This option to export a ticket as PDF can be accessed using mass operation as well as after you open a particular ticket. You can export multiple tickets as PDF from the tickets received in the inbox using mass operations. When you select multiple tickets from the ticket listing board, a gear icon

appears on the top left corner where you can select export to PDF. When you open a ticket received in the system, on the right hand side from

option you can perform various operations on the ticket. You will find the option to ‘export to PDF’ from this drop down list of operations.

The exported file in PDF format is easily transferable and printable. The PDF file is identified by the unique ticket hash generated in the system. The PDF file has the name and email address of the client who has submitted the ticket. Incident details contain all the properties of the ticket such as status, priority, department, etc. Custom fields contain all the additional information of the ticket. It also contains the posts as documentation of correspondence between the client and staff members . This PDF file does not contain internal notes and comments as they are for internal communication among the staff members only.


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