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Task Automation in Vision Helpdesk

Dennis Braganza Apr-25th, 2020 7:06 0 0

Task Automation in Vision Helpdesk

Task module in VHD enables the admin to assign tasks to various staff members. These staff members when log in to their staff portal, on the dashboard itself they can view the task module details. If any task is assigned to them they will be informed as soon as they log in to the portal. This task works as a to-do list for the day for the staff members.

There is an additional feature which allows you to create a task and assign it to a staff member. A task can be automatically created and assigned to a staff member through task automation. The automation accounts for a task creation, assignment and notification of the task to the concerned staff member, monitoring the status of the task and updating it.

Task automation can be accessed through admin settings>>automation>>task automation. Task automation is essentially an amalgamation of workflows and tasks.

In the task automation setting, on the top right corner you will find the filter icon

which can help you search for a particular task from the list of tasks created in the system.

From the more list icon

on the top right corner of the screen you can add a new task automation. The first part includes workflow rules such as event, criteria and action. The later part includes a task. Under task automation you need to specify which event triggers the specified task and the criteria that should be matched before the action is executed where the action is a new task that you can create.

Under action you can add a new task where details such as the title of the task, description, priority can be added. You can also assign this task to a staff member who will be notified of the task as soon as the event and criteria matches. The start time and end time play a major role in the task execution. The start time is the time after which the status of the task will be changed from ‘not-started’ to ‘in-progress’. In other words, it is the waiting time before which the task is supposed to begin. The end time is the total time allotted to the staff to complete the task. If the task is not completed within specified duration, its status is changed to overdue.

For example, let's suppose a task is automated at 10 AM with start time is 2 hours and end time is 3 hours. The assigned staff will be notified of the task at 10 oclock itself and the status of the task will be ‘not-started’. At 12 PM the status of the task will be changed to ‘in-progress’. If you do not complete the task by 3 PM, the status of the task will be changed to ‘overdue’.


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