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How to Forward a ticket to a third party email?

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 16:11 1 0

How to Forward a ticket to a third party email?

In some cases you might need to have a conversation with a person who is not part of your team or client to collaborate over a ticket. Vision Helpdesk allows you to forward tickets to any email address right from within the ticket. You can also respond to the replies from third parties and continue the conversation in the ticket.

It is possible to forward a ticket to a third party email address by following simple steps. When you open a ticket, in the ticket details on the top you will find a reply icon

along with a drop down option. From these options provided, you can choose the forward option.

The conversation tab will have both, outgoing posts from your staff and incoming posts from the client end. On every post received from the client end, on the top right corner you will find a reply option along with a drop down list of operations that can be performed.

Along with reply and forward, you also have the option to edit or delete a post as well as split the ticket provided it has more than one single post. On a outgoing post you will also find a green coloured tick mark sign which symbolises that the message has been successfully sent from the system.

When you click on the forward option, you will be redirected to a page where you can add the email addresses of the recipients if you want to forward the post to a third party email address. While forwarding a post, you need to add the third party email address in the recipient field provided and Bcc and Cc if required.

In the content area you may choose to edit this post before forwarding it. You can perform various tasks such as editing, linking, adding attachments to the post, etc before sending it.

Before sending the message you may also choose to modify its properties. The drop down button on the far right gives access to update properties such as assignment of the ticket, changing the department, status and priority as well as it allows the staff to add a comment on the ticket which will not be visible to the client.

After updating properties, the checkbox allows you to decide whether to send an email to the client or not. If you change your mind you can also choose to discard the message or you may proceed with it and send the reply.

The access to Forward an Incident can be enabled or disabled for a staff under Admin Settings > Roles.

Please refer to the below screenshot.


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