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Individual and Group Chat in Blabs

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Individual and Group Chat in Blabs

Official communication mostly involves emails which require a letter lengthy reply, voice calls and video conferences which is a subject to availability of both the parties, face to face meetings that require you to schedule your day likewise in order to be available at the right time and the right place. All of these activities can be lengthy and time consuming.

This is when a chat tool comes to the rescue. Chats can be short, simple and it simplifies communication all together. You can type a short message expressing your concern to your colleague or your senior and can get an equally short reply for clarification. Blabs is a chat tool devised to assist the staff members of an organisation for internal communication.

Along with messages, you can also share images on this platform. Below every message sent or received, you will find a timestamp. Through this will get to know the exact date and time when a message was received and sent from a system.

Blabs can be used for one to one communication where the staff members can connect with each other and get their work done. There is also a provision to start a group chat where multiple staff members can participate. Blabs provide a platform for group chats where you can carry out discussions amongst your staff members.

To be able to send or receive messages on blabs, a staff member has to be provided access to this module. It can be done through admin settings where you can define the role access of various processes. Like for eg. A trainee position will have limited access in the system, for a process such as problem management extensive access will be provided.

This access can be modified using pathway:

Admin settings>>User>>Role

To access the blabs module you can click on the launcher icon

on the top bar in the inbox. From the available modules in the system you can select the blabs icon.

Once you land in blabs, you will be able to see all the staff members who have access to blabs listed under the left hand panel. A green dot next to any user signifies that the user is active and available for chat at the moment. When a user logs off, the green dot is replaced by a grey dot. Any chat sent to a staff member after he logs off will be received in the system and the user will be able to view it after he logs in.

Under the left hand panel, on the top left corner you will find the blabs

icon. When you click on this icon, a list of staff members you have connected to through blabs will be displayed. Along with these, you will also find blab groups where you are also a participant. Just beside this is the staff

icon through which you can find all the staff members registered in the system.Inside blabs, on the top right corner you will find the more list icon

through which you may choose to start a new group chat or a new chat with any staff member in your system.

When you click on the create group option, after naming the group you can search for staff members to add. When you are a member of such groups, it will also be displayed in the blabs icon under the left hand panel.


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