Incident Management

Vision Helpdesk Basic Data Flow

Sneha Joshi Jul-28th, 2022 20:03 0 0

User Portal Flow

When the end-user logs in to the client facing portal, he can perform the below operations:

  1. Incident submission

  2. Refer to knowledgebase articles

The client can also view his previously submitted queries under the view incidents option. The client can respond back and communicate further with the staff for query resolution.

Once the query has been resolved, the status of the ticket can be modified. In case of any further assistance required, the client can also raise a new ticket.

The client can log out and conclude the session.

Staff/Admin Portal Flow

The Administrator and other staff members can log in to the staff portal using their respective set of credentials.

The Administrator can configure the entire software and manage all the staff members.

The staff members can log in and perform operations that have been permitted for their profile by the administrator.

The staff can work on the ticket for its resolution and respond back to the customers with viable solutions.

The system keeps a track of all the activities performed by all the agents. All the staff agents can log out as per their work time.


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