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How to clone a ticket?

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 16:22 0 0

How to clone a ticket? Duplication of a ticket

Cloning an incident is making a duplicate copy of it. This copy has a different ticket hash from that of the original ticket. When you open a ticket that has been cloned, you will find the cloned ticket displayed in left-hand panel under link along with the status of the ticket.

When you open a ticket received in the system, under the conversation tab you will be able to see the record of correspondence between the client and staff member working on the ticket. On the right hand side from

option you can perform various operations on the ticket. You will find the option to ‘clone incident’ from this drop down list of operations.

This option enables you to divide the work among two or more staff members. If you receive a ticket which would require two or more persons to work together in order to finish it on time, you can opt for this option. You can choose to clone the ticket, wherein you also get the option to clone only the first post or the last post of the ticket or the whole ticket in its entirety. With this option you can assign the work specified in a ticket among the staff members as per your requirement.

Cloning an incident comes in handy when multiple clients are facing the same issue. Suppose you are receiving similar queries from clients through chat or call, you can generate a ticket and clone it as required. This can help reduce manual effort of raising a ticket for the clients.

Any changes made to the original copy does not affect the cloned version and vice versa.


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