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How to ban or mark a client as spam?

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 16:24 0 0

How to ban or mark a client as spam?

If you are receiving unwanted tickets from an unauthorised email address, or if some irrelevant email addresses are generating tickets that are crowding your inbox, you can choose to ban the particular client or mark him as spam.

You can ban multiple clients from the tickets received in the inbox using mass operations. When you select multiple tickets from the ticket listing board, a gear icon

appears on the top left corner where you can select either mark spam or ban a client. When you ban a client he/she will not be able to send you queries through the registered email address. When you mark a client as spam, the tickets submitted by such clients are received in a separate spam folder under filters in the left-hand panel in inbox.You can also decide whether to ban a ticket or mark it as spam after opening it. When you open a ticket, on the right hand side, you will see this

symbol through which you may make the required changes.

If a client has been wrongly banned or marked as spam, you can also choose to unmark it. When a client is marked as spam, the tickets submitted by them will automatically land in the spam folder. Here, you can carry out the same process to unmark it from spam.


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