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How to schedule a ticket?

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 16:01 1 0

How to schedule a ticket?

Many a times we come across situations where we need a system reminder to carry out certain tasks. These tasks can be crucial and cannot be postponed under any circumstances. In these situations, scheduling a ticket is a reliable option.

When you need a reminder to execute a certain task on a timely basis, you can opt for schedule ticket option. This feature will enable you to generate a ticket in the future on a particular instance or depending on your requirement you may also choose to schedule tickets at multiple occasions and define the criteria for execution. For example, when you need a ticket to be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Scheduling one-time ticket:-

If you wish to schedule one ticket at a particular occasion in the future, you can select repeat schedule as just once from the drop down options. On selecting this option you may specify the exact date and time in the future when you wish to see this new ticket generated.

For example, if you need a follow-up on a client query in 10 days. You can schedule a ticket 10 days from today and can also assign it to a particular staff member.

Scheduling recurring ticket:-

Let’s suppose you are providing some kind of service to a client where your billing module is keeping a track of all the charges. If such clients need to be updated on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis regarding their total dues, it becomes quite tedious to memorize these periods for multiple clients. Hence, you may schedule a ticket on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis and assign it to staff members who will generate invoices and maintain correspondence with the clients until the total dues are recovered.

Such tickets can be scheduled on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis. You will get checkboxes to select the days you wish to schedule the tickets under daily & weekly scenarios. When you wish to schedule on a monthly basis, you will need to specify the duration in which your scheduled tickets are expected to be generated.


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