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How to link a Task to a Ticket?

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How to link a Task to a Ticket?

Task module in VHD enables the admin to assign tasks to various staff members. These staff members when log in to their staff portal, on the dashboard itself they can view the task module details. If any task is assigned to them they will be informed as soon as they log in to the portal. This task works as a to-do list for the day for the staff members.

An overview of the task module can be seen on the dashboard. You will be able to see segregation of the tasks based on those in progress, assigned to staff members and overdue. If you wish to explore the task module, through the launcher icon in the inbox you can access it.

When a staff member logs in to the staff portal, he will be able to see just the tasks assigned to him segregated based on the status of the task. The assigned staff member is notified based on the frequency of the scheduled task. The staff receives details of the task through system notification as well as through an email notification on the registered email address. If it is a recursive task scheduled on a daily basis, the concerned staff will receive a notification daily.

A task can be linked to an incident. If the client has mentioned several issues in the ticket that needs to be resolved by the staff, the admin can create tasks and assign them to the concerned staff members. This allows a single reply to be sent to the client instead of multiple replies by multiple staff members working on this client’s issues. Also if the issues are interrelated, the tasks created are also interrelated so task module enables you to get all the updates at a centralised location for better client support.

A task can be linked to a ticket through the inbox of the manage portal. When you open a ticket, on the top right corner of the screen you will find

which is the ‘more list’ icon. When you click on this icon a list of operations that can be performed on the ticket is displayed. You can select ‘link or add task’ from this list.

When you click on this option, a new window pops up on the screen. You can choose to either link an existing task to this ticket or you can also add a new task. If you want to link a task, you need to only search for the task and attach it with the ticket. If you are adding a new task from this window, you can add the priority, start and end date of the task along with assigning it to a staff member.

You may choose to add a subtask under an existing task. This will further assist you in dividing the work and assigning it to different staff members. Before the name of the task you will find symbols that signify whether the task is

a main task or

a subtask.

In the task module, you will find a list of all the tasks displayed. At the top of the list, a drop down option is provided where you can see tasks segregated based on status, priority, etc.


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