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How to apply labels to tickets?

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 19:47 1 0

How to apply labels to tickets?

Labels act as an additional criteria for categorisation. These labels can be accessed from the inbox of the staff portal where they are used by staff members. Using staff access you can create new labels and modify existing labels as well. You will find a default label called ‘important’ which cannot be deleted.

When you log in to the staff portal and land up in the inbox, you can find labels in the left hand panel along with filters and Departments. Labels are symbolised as

icon. You can also access labels through the same icon displayed on the top right hand corner of the ticket listing board in the inbox. When you click on a label, it will display the list of tickets having the same label. A ticket can have multiple labels, for example if the client query is of critical nature and the client is a potential new lead for another project, you may choose to apply both these labels on the ticket.

Labels can be applied manually as you can create custom labels and apply it to tickets of your choice. From admin settings>module properties>labels> add label though ‘more list’ icon

from the top right corner of the screen, you can add a custom label of your choice. A new label can be added and departmental access for the same can be defined from here. Departmental access specifies tickets under which department and domain this label can be applied. You can also set up workflow rules that will apply labels to tickets automatically based on the criteria set. Using mass operations you can also add and modify labels of multiple tickets at a time.

Labels also act as a criteria for filtration of tickets. When you are filtering using labels, you can choose to include or exclude specific labels in your search. Using admin settings you can enable and disable departmental access to certain filters of your choice. Hence, labels allow you to apply a more systematic approach to organising your client requests.


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