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Audit log OR Timeline of a ticket

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 16:08 0 0

Audit log OR Timeline of a ticket

When a new incident is created, either through the Client portal or through any other channel, a ticket is raised in the Staff portal. In the Staff portal, under the ticket listing board, you will find the new ticket displayed with all its properties. These properties can be altered by staff members.

When a new ticket is generated it follows simple workflow rules and automation. Modification of properties such as change of Labels, Priority, Status, SLA plan, Assignment, etc is displayed under Audit log. It is important to keep a track of all the changes a ticket undergoes in its lifetime.

Under ticket details, you will find a tab called ‘Audit log’. Under this tab, you can monitor all the activities or changes made to a ticket. Hence, this log keeps a track of all the events happening in chronological order. It specifies the name of the staff member working on the ticket as well as the date and time of modification.

The audit logs cannot be altered by the staff or the admin, making it a secure way of information capture.


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