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Search and Advanced Search Option

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 16:17 0 0

Search and advanced search option

As the business grows, so does the customer base and its related data. The proper management of this data is essential. Search option enables you to limit the results and access the exact piece of information from this database. This option can be accessed through the

icon from the tab on top of the screen.

Once you enter a word in the search tab, the system provides you with the option to search for the related content throughout the helpdesk. It lists all the available modules and you can select the specific module in which you need to carry out the search. For eg. you can search for ‘Neha’ in the ticket listing board, under registered client names, as a member of any organisation, in solution articles or stated in forum topics.

If you are not satisfied with the search option, you can always opt for advance search option. You can access this option from the bottom right corner of the search box as well as from the filter list icon

on the top right corner of the screen. The advance search option helps you to narrow the scope of your search query. This enables you to eliminate irrelevant information and help you find the exact content you are looking for.

When you opt for advance search option, you can define your criteria. These criterias can be single or multiple depending upon your requirement. You can specify if you wish to include trash and spam folders under your scope of search. You can also save the specific search as a filter. It will be displayed under predefined filters in the left-hand panel of your inbox.


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