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User Access Control for Vision Helpdesk

Sneha Joshi Jul-28th, 2022 20:10 0 0

User access control

Client or end-user access to the helpdesk account can be controlled by the admin from the manage portal.

The client can register manually from the client registration form on the client portal. The clients can also register automatically on the generation of their first query in the portal

You can manage this setting from Admin settings>>System>>Module>>Client

The clients can log in to the client portal using their credentials and check previous tickets that have been submitted as well as respond back to the tickets.

The departmental access for the client can also be controlled from the client's details. The client will be able to submit tickets only under the departments allowed.

The administrator staff can log in to the admin portal and manage the access for the rest of the staff members.

The admin can decide if the new staff works under which schedule and is a part of which team based on which their access will be defined in the system.

Customized granular roles can be created that can be assigned to the staff members. The staff will have access permissions as per the role created.

The staff departmental access can also be restricted. Using departmental access the staff can be restricted to view the tickets submitted under only the specific departments.


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