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Incident listing view

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 15:37 1 0

Incident listing view

View in helpdesk is defined as the representation and sequencing format of the ticket listing board. You can change or modify views as per your choice. Views can be a user specific, i.e., a user may generate his own specific view depending upon his work assignment. The default view is visible to every staff member who logs in the system. Personalised views can be named as per your wish.

Views are basically the details represented in the ticket listing board. As we know, the ticket listing board displays tickets received in the system. It is up to us whether we wish to see in ascending or descending order, on the basis of priority, or any specification of our choice. We can also select the number of tickets that should be displayed on the listing page and using pagination the lists can be shuffled.

While adding a new view, you can also modify the column headings in the ticket listing board. The fields selected are the ones actually displayed in the listing board. Hence, you may also drag and drop any field from the ‘Fields available’ list to the selected ones and vice versa. When a new view is created and applied, you will find that the details displayed in the ticket listing board also change accordingly.

This option can be accessed through the eye

icon in the inbox upper right corner. Also, the Admin/Super-admin can access it through the Admin settings.


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