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How to Split a Ticket?

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 19:29 0 0

How to split a ticket?

When a ticket is generated, it lands up in the staff portal. Here the ticket gets assigned to a staff member for resolution. The ticket consists of a query post which describes the issue faced by the client. The staff member who has been assigned the ticket can reply back to the client. This response posted by the staff member is appended to the original post. Likewise, the conversation between the staff member and client gets appended in the form of new posts.

When you open a ticket, you can find posts and comments by the client and your staff members under the conversation tab. Splitting only works for tickets that have at least 2 posts in the conversation area. On the post that you wish to split, on the extreme right corner you will find the ‘reply’ icon. From the drop down list you can select the option ‘split’.

Splitting a ticket is a feature that enables you to create a new ticket out of the posts appended in an existing ticket. When you split a ticket, a new ticket is generated with a new ticket hash and the posts from the previously submitted ticket. Hence, using this option you can split an existing ticket and assign it to different staff members as well.

For example if there is a ticket which has 2 posts, you can choose to split these posts and create 2 new tickets or you can also split one of these posts into a previously submitted ticket. If you split a post, it disappears from the original ticket and you will be able to see a new ticket generated with the said post displayed in it.

Let’s suppose there is a ticket which has multiple posts in the conversation tab, these posts can be client side or staff side communication. So if there is a need to split an existing post into a new ticket, you can perform this operation from the reply icon on the top right corner of the said post. For example, there is a new query mentioned in a conversation post by the client, you can choose to split this post into a new ticket. Using this option you can make sure this query is assigned to another staff member and will be resolved in a timely manner.

There is also an option to create an internal incident. In case you wish to split the ticket post in order to communicate it within your staff members, it can be split into an internal incident. As an internal incident, it would be accessible by all the staff members and will be used for internal communication.

For example, consider ticket A with 3 posts and another ticket B with 2 posts. If there is a post in ticket A which you wish to move in ticket B, you can do so simply by using the split option from the top right corner of the said post.

Using this option you can make sure that the select post splits from the original ticket and gets displayed in ticket B as a new conversation post. You can perform this operation of splitting posts from one ticket to another or simply creating a new ticket a number of times.

You can also choose to merge these tickets together. From the ‘more list’ icon in the top right corner of the screen, you can select to merge posts of two different tickets.

Through the staff portal, if a post is split from a ticket, the client will also not be able to see it under conversation posts. The clients can keep on reverting back to incidents from the client portal as well as other channels. Their response will be by default appended to the ticket they are responding to.


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