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How can staff create macro i.e. canned responses?

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How can staff create macro i.e. canned responses?

When a client raises a query in the form of a ticket in the staff portal, the staff members respond back and resolve the query. The staff members can respond back with either a newly drafted solution or a pre-defined canned response.

Macros are predefined responses which can be used as time saving option for staff when they are catering a large number of tickets. Let's suppose the staff is getting the same kind of query through multiple clients. The staff has drafted a response which can be used as a blanket statement to revert back. Along with this, the ticket properties of these tickets should also be modified. Such requirements call for the use of macros.

Through admin settings, the role access of a particular staff can be accessed. Role access defines the permissions granted to a staff member. Here, the access right to manage macros needs to be enabled in order to allow any staff member to add macros of their own.

New macros can be added in the system from the staff portal. The pathway to add a new macro is as follows:

Setting >> Automation >> Macros

On this page you will find the more list icon

on the top right corner of the screen. Through this option you can select to add a new macro in the system.

While adding a new macro, you can add the content in the description area provided. Here, you can also add a new image or upload an image from the drive, add a link or an HTML code in the content area. Along with this content, macros also enables you to modify the properties of a ticket. Through the application of a macro, you can also change the SLA plan of a ticket, status, priority, urgency, owner of the ticket, etc. Through department access you can select which staff can access and apply this macro on tickets. You can also add a staff comment which will not be visible to the client but shall provide useful guidance to the staff members. You can also define the access of this macro, so as to keep the access public or private. Through public access, other staff members can also view, apply and edit the macro, whereas private access ensures that only the one who has added the macro will be able to access it.

If there are a number of macros added in the system, you can find out a desired macro using the filter option provided on the top right corner of the screen. When you click on this filter icon

you will see an area where the details of the macro can be added in order to apply a filter. These details help you to pinpoint the exact macro needed. You can search by title of the macro, the access rights defined as well as the status of the macro.

While responding back to the tickets, the staff clicks on the reply icon

on the right corner of the post. The reply option is selected from the drop down of list of operations that can be performed on a ticket.

When you click on the reply option, there is a description area on the screen where you can add content which will be communicated back to the client as a response from your side. Under the left-hand panel you see the client details and two drop down lists which let you choose from the list of macros and solution articles available in the system. The staff can choose to send this as a response to the client.

Under the left hand panel, to apply a macro the staff needs to select through the multiple predefined canned responses saved by the staff beforehand. The staff may also search for a relevant solution article by typing the keywords in the search tab.


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