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Private notes and comments on a ticket

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Private notes and comments on a ticket

Vision Helpdesk allows you to add notes and comments over tickets from the manage portal which are just visible to your staff. Customers cannot see the notes or comments that you have added on the ticket. Many times there comes a situation when an agent wants to collaborate over the issue with other staff or they want to inform other staff about some specific points or progress of the ticket or some details about the client. At such times, they can add Notes or comments on the ticket for future reference.

How to add notes or comments over a ticket?

A ticket can be accessed by the staff from the manage portal. Inside the ticket on the top right corner you can click on the more list icon

and from the list of operations that can be performed on a ticket you can choose to add notes or comments.

There are two types of notes available in the system to be applied on the ticket. Incident note is specific to an incident. It would be visible only on the specific incident it has been applied to, like an update regarding the query raised in the incident. If the same client raises another incident query, you will not find an incident note on that ticket. If you want to make sure a note should be attached to every ticket a client submits, you can choose to apply a client note. A client note will be visible along with every incident query raised by that client. A client note can be the client’s additional information like his login credentials, his contact number, etc.

While adding a note to a ticket, you can also specify the colour of the note. The available options are yellow, green, red and blue. This feature can further assist you in colour coding notes. For eg. A client deadline can be added in red colour note, yellow note can be used if you are expecting a colleague to give you some inputs regarding an issue, a green color note can be used as a reminder note for yourself, etc.

You can also add an attachment while applying a note on a ticket. These attachments are visible in the drive. Notes added from the staff end are not visible to the client in any way.

Inside a ticket under the conversation tab you will find the conversation carried out between the client and your staff. You may choose to add a comment on these conversation posts. By default the comment will be appended on the recent post, i.e. the one on the top. If new posts are added, the post along with the comment will be moved below.

The basic difference between a note and a comment is that a note will always stay on the top of the ticket, whereas the comment will be attached to a particular response in the ticket and will move down along with the response, as there are further responses on the same ticket.

Through the admin settings you may choose to send an alert to a staff on the addition of a note or comment on a ticket. Hence, the staff concerned with the concerned ticket can be notified of any change or update in the notes or comments using alerts.

Admin Settings >> Automation >> Alerts >> Add alert

Screenshot of a comment as below:

Screenshot of a note as below:


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