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How can I link two or more incidents?

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 15:59 0 0

How can I link two or more incidents?

Linking incidents is one of the operations that can be performed by the staff members through the staff portal. It can be performed using mass operations, where you select all the incidents that you wish to link and a gear icon

appears on the top left corner. Through this icon you can select ‘link incident’ from the drop down list.There is another way to perform this operation. When you open a ticket on the top right hand corner you will find ‘more list’ icon

which displays all the operations that can be performed on a ticket. Here, in the drop down list you can select ‘link incident’.

It will by default consider the ticket opened as one of the incidents to be linked. You will then have to define the relation and manually search for the other incident using its unique incident hash.

Let’s say you have received an incident in your system. This incident is related to a previously submitted ticket by the same or another client. You may choose to link these incidents together and define their relationship from the drop down options provided.

When you link incidents together, you need to define their relationship. When you open an incident linked to other incidents, you will be able to see all those incidents listed in the left-hand panel under ‘link’. Here, the linked incidents are displayed along with the relation. Hence, you may shuffle between tickets related to each other and reply back accordingly.


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