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Where can I see all the tickets submitted by a Client?

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 16:10 0 0

Where can I see all the tickets submitted by a Client?

A Client can either opt for registration before submitting a ticket, or we also provide option of auto-registration where a Client is automatically registered in the system on submitting the first ticket. Clients receive the details of their ticket via electronic mail. The address for such correspondence being the one provided by the Client while registration / ticket submission.

When a ticket is raised by the end user, you can find it under ticket listing board with all the properties displayed. Amongst the properties displayed you can also find the email address of the client who has raised the ticket.

When you open a ticket, under the ticket details you can see a separate tab called ‘History’. Under this tab you will be able to find all the previously submitted tickets by this particular client from the same email address.

While this is one of the ways to view previously submitted tickets, you can also search for a client using his email ID and then check the list of tickets under ‘Incident’ tab of the client profile.

Hence, if you ever wish to find an older ticket submitted by a particular client, you can simply open any ticket raised by the said client and under ‘History’ tab OR in Client details, under ‘Incident’ tab, you would be able to access all his previously submitted tickets in chronological order.


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