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How to merge multiple incidents?

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 15:58 1 0

How to merge multiple incidents?

Merging incidents is one of the operations that can be performed by the staff members through the staff portal. It can be performed using mass operations, where you select all the incidents that you wish to merge together and a gear icon

appears on the top left corner. Through this icon you can select ‘merge incident’ from the drop down list.There is another way to perform this operation. When you open a ticket on the top right hand corner you will find ‘more list’ icon

which displays all the operations that can be performed on a ticket. Here, in the drop down list you can select ‘merge incident’.

Note : You cannot unmerge the merged tickets. It's an irreversible process.

There might be situation where customer submits multiple tickets specifying different queries so in case you want to have a unified reply you merge them into one ticket and then reply the ticket or there can be a situation where a customer tries to submit multiple tickets from different channels or sometimes same query is reported by different people in a team.

In such a scenario you can merge the tickets into one to keep the communication streamlined. Below are some examples when tickets are merged:

Say there is Ticket A and ticket B, if you select to merge ticket B into A then B ticket would be deleted. You can select if you want to merge conversations, invoice, time tracking entries, notes, comments from ticket B into ticket A.

You can also choose to keep the requesters and CC emails from the ticket B in the loop. You can do the same from the path admin setting>>Module>>Incident. Set "Add merged incident's email as recipients" field as Yes. All messages are sorted based on timestamp. You can also generate reports to get the details of merged tickets.

Staff members who have been provided access rights from the admin settings can only perform the merge operation. To grant this access you will have to first define a role. Role is the function assumed or the part played by a staff in the system. Roles can be accessed from admin setting through path Admin setting>>User setting>>Role.

When you add a staff member to the system, you provide him login credentials to access the system. When the staff is added, it is essential to describe the scope. These access rights are defined by selecting the predefined role.


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