Incident Management

A brief introduction of Manage Portal

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 14:09 1 0

Introduction of Manage portal

Manage portal is also known as the staff/admin portal. This is a secure place where you and your staff can view and manage incidents and activities within your company or organisation and keep all your staff on the same page. One of the most important goals of the Manage portal is to allow incident management, effective knowledge sharing, keep track of progress and to never lose any important information.

The manage portal can be accessed only with valid credentials. We provide 2 kinds of accesses, namely Admin/Super-admin access and Staff access. The Admin and Super-admin access enables the user to view and manage the contents of the entire system. Along with this access, the Admin and Super-admin can also modify the settings for the entire system.

Using staff access, the staff members can only see the work assigned to them. The staff members each have their own login credentials through which they can access this portal.

As you login to the Manage portal, you will land up on the Dashboard/Home. This dashboard gives a preview of all the modules present in the system. On Admin login, you will be able to monitor the entire system. You can also create tasks and assign it to a particular staff member or a team. On Staff login, you will be able to see only the tasks assigned to you. Hence, this system avoids unwanted confusion among the staff members.


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