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A dashboard will give you an overview of different modules. It is easily comprehensible and enables the user to monitor the major functions at-a-glance. You may also customise the dashboard by enabling or disabling modules of your choice.

Once you log in to Manage portal using your credentials, you would basically land on the dashboard. Symbolised as a Home, this dashboard gives an overview of all the modules present in the system. It will help you understand and keep a track of all the changes taking place in the entire system. Module wise it displays all the activities going on, hence you are updated about every activity.

Quick Overview of Modules:

The modules are displayed in interactive visualisation that enables user to monitor and analyse over-all activities and provide them with actionable insights. Like for example, under Incident module, the logged in user will be able to see incidents sorted out under three categories, v.i.z., New, Overdue and Assigned. Under New incidents, the user can see all the incidents received in the system in the last 24 hours. Overdue incident holds the count of incidents for which the staff hasn’t responded back within SLA time. Lastly, Assigned incidents are the ones which have been assigned to the specific staff user who has logged in.

Options on the top right corner:

At the top right hand corner, you will come across two functions called approvals and calendars. Approvals are requests raised by your staff members. The staff members may ask for approval from other staff members depending on their role access. Once you log-in as a staff member you will be able to accept or decline approval requests raised for you under the Approvals option.

Calendar can be used to mark events and tasks. If any of the staff member marks an event in the calendar, it will be visible to all the staff members with valid credentials. Hence, this function can also be used to update your staff members regarding project deadlines. Moreover, you may also use it as a personal task scheduler to manage your daily activities.


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