Asterisk integration

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Follow steps for integration.

[A] Integrate Asterisk in helpdesk

[B] Enable Access permissions

[C] Use of Asterisk

[A] Integrate Asterisk in helpdesk

- Goto Vision setting >> Integrations >> Asterisk

- Select Domain

- Set integration title

- Configure asterisk database

                            Database host: Host ip or domain where asterisk database hosted                                                       

                            Database user : Asterisk database user name

                            Database password : Asterisk database password

                            Database name : Name of Asterisk database.

                            Recording path: Set asterisk recording folder path if configured else just put ''.                                  

                            Contact number: Set contact number for display, this number will show at client portal on top right corner of header.

                            Keep status yes & press save button.

[B] Enable Access permissions

Go to Setting >> Role >> Select team >> goto Integrations >> Check the Asterisk integration & Update role setting.

[C] Use of Asterisk

When access permission for Asterisk is enabled then you would see the asterisk option in dropdown of launcher icon on menu bar.

Here staff can see call list, which is done by Asterisk calling system.

Staff can convert that calling info to ticket.

                       -Click on record which you want to convert as ticket.

                       -Staff can see detail info.

                       -press convert to ticket.

                      - Select department/ channel if any change, press next

                      -Staff will redirect to ticket creation form.

                      -Press submit button to create the ticket

Note :Don't refresh page manually when recording gets converted into ticket.


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