MS teams integration

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Steps for integration of MS teams.
1) For MS teams integration must have the account on Office 365 E3, So create the account.

After that enter the email address and click on the next button.

2) After that click on setup.

3) After that enter the necessary information and click on Next.

5) Verification number will be sent to the mentioned number.

6) Create the domain here and click on next.

7) Create the user ID and password and click on sign up.

8) After that click on go to setup.

9) Click on to register azure app – Click on registration and give the application name, click on register.

10) After that click on the overview there the client ID would be displayed (Application (client) ID).

11) After that click on certificate and secrets – Here display the client secret.

12) Login to manage site (Visionhelpdesk) Settings >>Integrations >> MS-teams.

Domain = Select the particular domain from the drop down.
Integration title = Enter the integration title.Client ID = Enter the client ID. (Taken from the MS- teams)
Client secret = Enter the client secret. (Taken from the MS- teams)
Redirect URL = Enter the redirect URL. (That is your help desk)

13) After that, open the below link.

14) After from that option click on teams.

15) After that create the channel.

16) After that go to the Admin portal Setting >> Automation >> Alert – Create the alert
and the bottom display the channel select the channel.

Click on add button then alert is added successfully.

18) After that create the new incident as per event selected and after event occurred

then notification display successfully.


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