Solutions Integration

Yogesh Bhalerao Apr-10th, 2019 0:15 0 0

Features available with the integration:

       - The chat box window is provided on the client portal for online chatting with the clients by integrating it with this software.

To integrate with this system following are the steps:

Step 1:-  Login to your account:

Step 2:-  Go to Dashboard >> Admin >> Asset Section >> Widget code.

Step 3:-  Log-in to the manage portal, Settings >>Integrations >>

Domain : You can select the domain name.

Integration title : Specify the title here.

Script: The script is the one which you copied from chat account. (In step 2 -copy and paste the code).

Status : The status can be either enabled or disabled from here.

Save : Click on save button.

Once you integrate with Tawk you will get the chat window in client portal wherein clients can chat with your staff. Please refer below image -



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