LiveZilla Integration

Yogesh Bhalerao Apr-10th, 2019 1:38 1 0

Features available with the Livezilla integration:

- We provide you with the chat box window of Livezilla for online chatting with the clients by integrating it with vision helpdesk software.

- The staff agents are able to extract all the chat transcripts of Livezilla conversation on the manage portal. On the launcher icon of the header menu in the manage/staff portal the Livezilla icon is visible after it is enabled.

- If staff wants to convert their chat conversations into ticket then open particular chat & select convert to ticket option which is at the right side of the page.

In order to integrate Livezilla with this system follow the following steps:

Step 1] Install Livezilla on server and computer.

Step 2] To allow the API calls follow the following steps:

        a) Open Livezilla server admin from start menu, select user management and login on it using admin details.

       b) Right click on operator & select edit option and go to permissions tab.

       c) Keep this user is allowed to make API call as checked.

Step 3] Log-in to manage portal.

         Domain: Domain for which the Livezilla is to be integrated is to be selected from the drop-down.

         Integration title: A title has to be entered here.      

         URL: The URL for the installed Livezilla is to be entered here   

         Script: Add the Livezilla script here.

         Status: The status can be either enabled or disabled from here.

         click on Add button

Step 4] After the successful adding of the Livezilla account go to:

            Settings/ User Section/ Role/ Integrations/Livezilla/ Select Yes .(click on the checkbox)


            Note: The Script code which is available for integration to copy/paste at the bottom of your website, 

            just have to do it before the closing tag of the home page. For that the two types of software’s have different process:

SaaS License: - You need to contact the support team of Vision helpdesk.

Download License: - You can store the code given for integration into the template files of your server.


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