JIRA Integration

Yogesh Bhalerao Apr-9th, 2019 0:23 0 0

Steps to integrate with Jira :

Step 1:-  Login to your Jira account.

Step 2:-  Open the Jira profile page where you will find the username and password.

Step 3:-  Log-in to the manage portal,Settings/Integrations/ Jira

Domain: Select domain for which the Jira settings is to be done.

Title: The title for the Jira needs to be mentioned here.

Username: The username for Jira is to be entered here.

Password: The password for Jira is to be entered here.

Jira URL: The URL for the Jira is to be entered here. For eg:

Status: The status for Jira can be either enabled or disabled from here. If Jira is enabled then it will work and if disabled then it will not.

Step 4:-  After the successful adding of the Jira account go to:

Path: Settings >> User >>Role >> Select Role>> Integration/Jira/ select Yes.

Post integration :

The two operation you can perform by click Jira in the ticket details integration section:

1) Link issue: Here you can link the issue to your Jira account using the hash details.

    2) Create issue: You are provided with the issue generation option regarding the ticket you want to link in which you can select the product and issue type from the drop-down menu and enter the subject of the issue.

3) Unlink issue: You can unlink or cancel the created or linked ticket here.

4) View issue in Jira: Selecting this will redirect to the Jira page.


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