Magento Integration

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Features available with the Magento integration with Vision helpdesk:

      - Magento provides you with the e-commerce software and platform which you can use with Vision system after integration.

      - After integration procedure is done you can visit to ticket details page & select Magento link under integration section.

      - You will receive all the information of client & details of Magento activities (information of only those client whose email id in helpdesk matches with email id in Magento account)

Steps for Installation of Magento :

Step 1:-  Download magento version ver 2.2.4 from the

Step 2:-  Upload to server

Step 3:-  Needed all extensions ON (SOAP ,wsdl etc)

Step 4:-  then fire your url - (Note : We have installed setup in magento folder on server, you need to change URL as per your installation path)

Step 5:- Enter your database name

Step 6:-  Fill the details properly.

Step 7:-  After completion of installation follow the below steps

Step 1:-  Login to your Magento admin panel.

              (your magentolink/admin Enter your username and password)

For example

Step 2:-  Creating a role: From the Magento dashboard go to System →Permissions → User Roles.

Step 3:-  Click add new role on the top right corner.

Step 4:-  Fill in the role info and from the role resources tab, select Resource Access >> All

Step 5:-  Click save role after you are done entering the details.

Step 6:-  Creating a user: Once the role has been created, one must now create a user. Go to

System → Permissions → All Users.

Step 7:- Click add new user on the top right corner.

Step 8:- Fill in the user info of the user and from the user role select the particular role of the user.

Step 9:-  Click save user after you are done entering the details of the user.

(Customers ->Add new customers-> Fill all mandatory details, Same for the order and invoices)

Step 10:-  Log-in to manage portal and go to Admin Settings >>>Integrations>>>Magento.

Now click on add button.

Step 11:-  Fill the details magento url ( where the magento setup is set), your admin username ( user in the magento portal) and password ( password of the user ) .

Enable the status button.

Post Integration -

Step 12:-  Now when a customer submit a ticket to helpdesk from same email id which is registered under Magento account then you can fetch information of that client in the ticket detail area.

Step 13:-  Go to ticket listing page and open a ticket. On top right corner you can see integration icon and click on magento.

Step 14:-  You can see the details fetched from Magento account.


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