Intercom Integration

Yogesh Bhalerao Apr-9th, 2019 0:48 0 0


Features available with Intercom integration:

      - Intercom system provides every team in an internet business to see and talk to customers, 

         with products for live chat, marketing, feedback, and support.

      - With successful integration with this system the client can have the live chats from the client portal.

Steps for Intercom integration:

Step 1:-  Login to your Intercom account:

Step 2:- For retrieving required details click on your Intercom profile icon >>App settings >>Api keys.

Step 3:- The Intercom script is retrieved by click on setup guide icon>> Install Intercom >>select for logged-out user script.

Step 4:- Login to the manage portal, go to Settings >> Integration section >> Intercom and fill the following details:

Domain: Select the domain with which you want to integrate the Intercom application in client portal.

APP ID: Add the app id retrieved. (From step 2)

Script: Copy paste the script obtained from Intercom details. (From step 3)

Status: You can enable or disable the Intercom integration from here.


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