WHMCS Integration

Yogesh Bhalerao Apr-10th, 2019 1:35 0 0

In order to integrate WHMCS with Vision Helpdesk follow the following steps:

Log-in to Vision Helpdesk Manage Portal,

Settings >>Integrations >> WHMCS


The name of the domain or company should be specified here.

Billing URL:

The URL for billing should be mentioned here.

Admin username:

The username of the admin should be specified here.

Admin password:

The password of the admin should be specified here.

API key:

The API key which is unique should be specified over here.


It is possible to enable or disable the particular WHMCS from here. If the status is enabled then WHMCS will work for the script and if disabled then it will not work for the script.

It is possible to perform the Mass Action for WHMCS by selecting it from the listing and can be either enabled or disabled from here.

It is possible to edit or update the particular WHMCS setting by selecting it from the listing. The changes can be made and it can be updated from the Update option present at the bottom.

How it works :

1] go to ticket details page & select WHMCS link under integration section.
2] you will get information of client,details of products & services(list contains only those which client mail id match with mail id of ticket owner)


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