COMM100 Integration

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Features available with the Comm100 integration:

     - We provide you with the chat box window of chat for online chatting with the clients by integrating it with this software.

       In order to integrate Comm100 with this system follow the following steps:

Step 1:- Login to your Comm100 account:

Step 2:- One can find the API key from:

My profile >>click on more information >>API key

Step 3 :-  Copy the script code from Live chat tab >>on left hand side section you will get Installation >>Live chat code.

Step 4:- Log-in to the manage portal. Go to admin settings>>integration >>COMM100

You need to fill the below details -

Domain: Domain for which Comm100 is to be integrated is to be selected from the dropdown.

Integration title : You can add integration title here.

Email: The email address of Comm100 is to be entered here.

API key: The API key that one gets from Comm100 is to be entered here. (From Step 2)

Script : Copy the script code from Comm100 account and paste here .(From step 3)

Status: The status can be either enabled or disabled from here.

Save : Click on save button.

         Once you integrate with Comm100 you will get the chat window in client portal wherein clients can chat with your staff. Please refer below image -

Note: After the successful adding of the Comm100 account.Go to: Path: Settings>>Staff Section>>Role>>Integration>>Comm100>> Select Yes.

Post Integration -

- Staff can see and extract the domain wise chat transcripts on Comm100 section from header menu on manage portal.

- If staff wants to convert the chat conversations into ticket then open particular chat & select convert to ticket option which is at the right side of the page.


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